Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, I'm already starting to fall off the wagon.  I haven't finished any of my WIP's yet, but I'm joining the newly announced Swoon QAL with Katy.  I bought the pattern last year and while I've loved seeing everyone else's I've resisted the urge to start one...until now!

The reasons are twofold: 

1.  I don't need any new projects (see this list).

2.  I can't decide on the fabric.

See, I have this lovely pile of fabric which would be perfect for the pattern and my bedroom decor.

But I also have this:  (drum roll please)

That's right I've been holding out on you!  I have a HUGE stack of 1/2 yard cuts of Heather Ross's Mendocino!  I bought this almost three years ago when I was pregnant with my first son, and I've never used it.  If I had known that by this time it would be worth $40 a yard I would have bought more!

I had originally planned on using my hoarded French General fabric for Swoon (it's the reason I purchased the pattern in the first place), but ever since I saw this quilt block on Flickr, I've been dreaming about using the Mendocino.

I don't know how my husband is going to feel about mermaids on his bed, but I think I might have to go for it.

Look at those pink mermaids!  They are topless, maybe that will help convince him...

Anyone else thinking about doing this QAL?

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Vio said...

I found out about it late last night and it took me two shakes of a lamb's tail to join! :o) It's my first "along", but I love Swoon. I too bought the pattern and it's just been sitting in my box 'o stuff for 3 months. I'm off to JoAnn's after work to find some solids and a background color. We can do it! ;o)