Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Results (A Little Late)

Well, a lot late!  Oh well, better late than never!

I didn't have a very productive sewing night, but I did accomplish a little.  Most of my evening was spent cutting out the rest of the background pieces for my Swoon quilt.  Sadly, I realized when I was cutting out the last squares that I was cutting them out wrong!  I might have very dangerously thrown my rotary cutter across the room...thankfully my children and dog were safe upstars when I threw that tantrum!!  I spent the rest of the evening sewing black sashing onto my butterfly quilt. 

Sorry for the pictureless post, but after realizing I had messed up I was pretty grouchy!  Hopefully I'll have a finished quilt top to show soon!

I'm off to do a little more weekend sewing!

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