Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday #16

I finally have some progress to report this week!  I am ALMOST finished with the Dr. Seuss quilt.  I started hand-sewing the binding on during nap time today. 

Oh, how I love a stripey binding!  Love it!

As much as I love this quilt I will be so happy when it is finished!  I am so ready to move on to something else.  I hope to start working on my Postage Stamp quilt tomorrow.

I have loved having Hubby home helping with the boys, but all good things must come to an end, even paternity leave.  Next week, I will be a SAHM to TWO little boys (yikes!)  If anyone has any advice I would definitely welcome it!  We will have to see how much progress I make this coming week...

To see how everyone else is doing check out Lee's blog!


felicity said...

A striped binding makes every quilt that much more special, I think.

While I only have one kid, and my husband is the SAH parent, I do have a word of advice: get yourself a good baby carrier like an Ergo, Moby wrap or a ring sling and wear your little one. He can nap, nurse, hang out on Mama while you are hands-free for the other one. Worked like a charm for my friends and family who have more than one at home.

Bree said...

Love that Cat in the Hat print, and the striped binding is perfect!

Kimberly White said...

I really like the striped binding on your quilt! I have 3 at home! My advice ... hmmm .... it's hard sometimes but you can do it =)

Becky said...

Oh gosh, I remember those days!! My boys are 10 and 12 (soon to be 11 and 12). It's a bit scary, but I found that with 2 I had no time to worry much. My older son was very entertaining to my younger one, and even at 1, he could help out a bit. Encourage him to help as much as he can and praise him when he does. Mine would bring me burp rags, wipes, toys, books to read to the baby (which was really him). We did a LOT of reading when I was nursing my youngest. I set up a little library right next to me chair. I can honestly say that there was no jealousy at all, and my oldest just totally fell in love with his little brother. They're still very close. Also I don't know what your kids are like, but we had to install deadbolts on the inside top of all of our outside doors (and many indoors). My son right after he turned 2 opened the garage door, opened the car door, pushed the garage door opener, then was out in the street while I was nursing, and before I could safely put my baby down and chase after him! LOL Now I'm worrying about their internet security and arguing over why they can't have a cell phone! But they are so much fun!! Hey, you need to change your "about me"! Good luck! We all get it figured out. You will too! Love the Dr Seuss quilt too!

Lee said...

Oh, I do so love a stripey binding. : ) The quilt looks great! : )

My advice for mothering two: MANIPULATE THE SCHEDULE. : ) I know kids (especially newborns) tend to sleep, eat, etc., when they want to, and there's only so much control you can have over it. But I've tried to coordinate mine as much as possible ever since my second one was born. If I have to wake my younger one up from a nap a little early so that they'll both go to bed at the same time, I do. I made sure to schedule my older daughter's preschool in the afternoon, to coincide with my younger one's naptime. And so on. It has really saved my sanity! : ) And given me some ME time! I know many moms who, between their kids' different schedules, never get a real break. I couldn't handle that.

Good luck! I know you'll do great! And thanks for linking up this week.