Saturday, March 19, 2011

FNSI Results

Sadly, I didn't get a lot done last night for Friday Night Sew In.  I started at around 7:00 and by 8:00 my husband was calling for me from the basement because my toddler was sick.  Needless to say, instead of an evening of sewing it was an evening filled with vomit and tears...

My poor husband tried to handle it himself, but Hurst wanted his mommy.  I, of course, couldn't refuse him!

I did get a little accomplished though:

I cut out and started piecing my Just One Star block. 

One more strip set for the Postage Stamp Quilt.  The good news is I'm a little more interested in working on this one.  Hopefully I'll have some time tonight after the little ones go to sleep.

Oh well, there's always next month!

Hope everyone else's evenings were a little more productive! 


Lee said...

Oh, that's too bad. My girls have been sick a LOT in the last month. We can't seem to shake it.

supermom said...

Hope your little one feels better soon. And you're right... there's always next month.

Megan said...

Bummer, I hope the little one starts feeling better! :( Can't wait to see more of your postage stamp quilt.