Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday #17

Hello everyone!  Another week has gone by way, way, way too quickly!  Where does the time go?  Unfortunately, not in front of my sewing machine!!

I did finally finish the Dr. Seuss quilt this week!  I will post pics as soon as I can take some decent photos.  It has been cloudy and rainy around here lately and I would really like to take some pictures of the quilt outside because the indoor shots are not doing it justice.

I have recently picked the Postage Stamp quilt back up so hopefully I will have a finished quilt top soon!

I saw this post from Elizabeth yesterday, and I realized that I need to get my act together and work on my 2011 goals!  Maybe I will be able to post progress on some those projects next week.

Here's hoping everyone else had very productive weeks!  Hop on over to Lee's blog to see everyone's progress!


Lee said...

Oh, I think you get a pass on keeping up with your goals! Consider it a maternity leave. : ) Can't wait to see the Dr. Suess quilt.

Thanks for linking up, have a fabulous week!

Elizabeth D. said...

I totally agree, you've got a new baby - I think you've accomplished a really great goal right there!! I'm totally impressed that you're finding the time to blog! How's it going at home with the boys?

Kelly said...

hi Melanie, i agree about the photos, waiting till it works is worth it. I've been poking around your blog and it is like looking the in mirror ;) glad to have found you through WIP, i'm you're newest follower. Kelly

Jenniffier said...

I too didn't have much time for sewing this week. I am hoping to get some in tomorrow night and Friday night. I would like to have something to show/share for the month at the Sacramento Modern Quilt guild meeting on Saturday :)