Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday #18

This weekend while looking through my project bin in my dining room, I found my stash of WIP's I had hidden while family and friends were coming to visit the new baby.  Wow, needless to say, I had forgotten about a couple of them.  I have decided to add them to the list, so that it doesn't happen again. 

In Progress:

P.S. I Quilt Postage Stamp Quilt-Along

I am still plugging away on the strip sets for this one.  I love the fabrics and I know that I will love it when it's finished, but I'm bored with it.  I don't know why, I was so excited about this project when I started, but now blah.  I hate that.

NICU donation quilt

This is one of the forgotten projects that got buried in the box.  How on earth I can't manage to finish something so small I will never understand, but I have managed it!  All of the pieces are cut out I just need to sew it together.  Maybe I will work on it this weekend...

Purple and cream scrappy quilt

In an effort to use up my old calicos I pulled all of the purples to put into a scrap quilt.  That is as far as I got as far as working on it.

Since I can't seem to stop buying new fabric I am looking forward to using some of this up!

New Projects:

Nicey Jane quilt:

While playing around in my fabric closet this week, I pulled my Nicey Jane collection off the shelf and decided to start working with it.  I found a simple pattern I wanted to try in a McCall's Quick Quilts magazine from last year and thought these fabrics would work nicely.

I have started cutting out the pieces.  Hopefully I will have time to start piecing the blocks soon!  I haven't quite decided what to do with this quilt yet.  Maybe it will be a gift or maybe I will keep it for me, who knows?

Supernova Quilt Along

I couldn't resist the pull of this quilt along hosted by the lovely Lee.  I have enjoyed participating in WIP Wednesday so much I can't wait to start her QAL.  I am way over committing myself this month, but I have to make this quilt.  It is so beautiful!  I was going to use my Hope Valley fabrics, but I've decided I might try something else.  I still haven't quite made up my mind, but I am working on it.

Well, if you are still reading this thank you so very much!  I am going to hop off now and take advantage of the rest of nap time (they are both sleeping at the same time, HOORAY) and actually sew!

See everyone elses status here.


Lee said...

Oooh, I do love Nicey Jane! Can't wait to see what you do with it! And thanks for joining my quilt-along, I'm SO looking forward to it!

Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week.

felicity said...

Nicey Jane is so beautiful and feminine - I love it!

Cut yourself some slack on the forgotten projects - you've had a little bit on your mind lately!!

Marci Girl said...

The Nicey Jane is going to be a lovely quilt! I have been buying so much fabric, that I gave it up for lent!!!

Megan said...

Oooh, can't wait to see more of that Nicey Jane quilt!

Dee said...

Can't wait to see what these fabrics turn into!

ladybugquilting said...

I'm the same with my postage stamp quilt!
I always find something more "fun" to do...

JustPlainLaine said...

I love the purples! Can't wait to see that one finished.