Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Christmas Cookie Time!

My family loves Christmas cookies!  I know, I know whose doesn't?  Fortunately for them, I love to bake them!  I have the old standbys that I try to make every year, but I always try to find something new to add to the mix.  Most of the time it's more than one if time permits.  :)

Today it was the Blueberry and Cream cookie.  I have heard such great things about it that I couldn't wait to try it.  I wasn't disappointed!  I will say upfront that as far as cookies go, this one is a little more involved than most.  It's not a complicated recipe, but it does require advanced planning.  In other words, make sure to read the recipe the whole way through before starting! 

I only thing I did differently was add a bag of white chocolate chips to the batter at the end because in my world, cookies need a little chocolate!  I also found the cookies didn't need to be in the oven the full 22 minutes.  Mine were finished after 18 minutes. 

The end result was a really delicious cookie!  Crispy around the edges, chewy in the middle, and a nice sweet/salty flavor.  I'm so glad I decided to add the white chocolate!  In my opinion, they are the perfect addition!

Here they are on the Christmas cookie plate!  I think Hubs will be happy to see these when he walks through the door!

I'm linking up at Debbie's today for Tuesday at the Table.  If you've done any cooking or baking recently that you'd like to share please link up!  It's always fun to read and I'm so glad that I'm finally participating!


Debbie said...

oh these sounds unusual and tasty - not your run of the mill cookie, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

krisgray said...

Those cookies look so good. Love anything with blueberries - thanks for the link.