Saturday, June 2, 2012

Northern Virginia Quilt Show

Today I had the great pleasure of going to the local annual quilt show. Just in case you're reading, THANKS for taking care of the boys honey!! I had a great time!

What I love about this quilt show is quilters of all levels are allowed to submit quilts and there is no judging. No pressure, just a lot of fun and a lot of beautiful quilts. Sadly, there aren't many what would be considered "modern" quilts in the show, but they are spectacular! I'm always amazed by the talent of other quilters. Everyone says it just takes practice, but I'm not so sure...I think some people just have IT.

Here are just a few pictures I snapped from the show:

Gotta love a Scrabble quilt!

I thought these bright, polka-dotted baskets were adorable!

I had to take a picture of the Mount Vernon quilt. Not only do we live about five minutes from this beautiful part of history, but my husband is a huge history buff. As soon as he saw it he thought I should make one. Sorry buddy, way too much work for me!

I really wish I could have gotten better pictures of this pair of Pickle Dishes made from Kaffe fabrics. Absolutely breathtaking! I would love to try this pattern one day. Maybe I'll bust into my stash of Kaffe...

I thought this was incredible! Those are teeny, tiny yo-yos if you can believe it! Aren't they cute?

I have wanted to make a scrappy spiderweb quilt for ages, and this really made me want to dig into my scraps.

There is even a spider in the middle. So clever!

I had to snap a picture of this quilt because it was inspired by the Rappahanock River and the Northern Neck of Virginia which is where I grew up. It is a really beautiful part of the state!

Finally, a close up of a large scale Ruby Hexagon. I couldn't get a good full shot of the quilt, but this close up not only shows the hexagon, but also the beautiful quilting. Makes me wish I had bought more of this line when it was available...

I had a great time admiring the quilts and browsing the vendors, but I really couldn't wait to get home to my machine. I am so close to finishing the quilting on the baby quilt I'm working on. I hope by tomorrow I can finish it up!

I hope you liked this abbreviated tour of the show. There were many, many other quilts displayed, but these were my favorites at least the ones I was able to photograph. It was crowded!

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OPQuilt said...

I used to live out there too, and have even had a quilt hang in that show. I belonged to QU for several years after I moved, the Mt. Vernon chapter. One year the chapter president made a quilt of Mt. Vernon from one of my photos, so I zoomed in on yours to see if it was Bert's quilt--it wasn't, but so fun to see Mt. Vernon again.

Elizabeth E.