Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday (early) and a finish

I am a little early for the WIP Wednesday, but I thought I would take advantage of a quiet moment at the computer.  I don't have much to contribute this week because we have been so busy with all of our Christmas activities.  We've been so busy baking, visiting the National Christmas Tree,

and decorating our family tree

that sewing has taken a back seat.  It has been worth it though!  This is Hurst's second Christmas, but this year is much more fun than last year!  He is able to participate a little bit, and last year he was too little to do anything really, but nap.  This weekend we are taking him to see Santa and we are hoping he won't cry.  I have taken him on a couple of "test runs" to the mall to let him see Santa before he sits on his lap.  I hope this does the trick!

I was able to finish the baseball quilt this week just in time for the December 15th deadline.  Oh well, it might be last minute, but it is on time!  I finished up the scrappy binding earlier this evening and now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to Kate to be sent with the rest of the Guild's contributions!

I hope a little boy in the area gets some comfort and warmth from this quilt.  This was such a nice project in which to participate.  I hope to be able to do more with the DC guild in the new year!

I have decided to not stress myself out about the two quilts I wanted to make as Christmas presents.  The people they are going to will love them just as much on their birthdays as they would have for Christmas.  I only have ten days left, so they probably wouldn't be finished anyway!  I am going to continue working on my tree skirt and hope it's completed by Christmas, and then I think I am going to take a little sewing break and spend time with my family.  I hope everyone had very productive weeks!


Elizabeth D. said...

Neat! We've been doing a lot of that too, visiting local holiday displays and parades and such. I can't wait to see your tree skirt - I wish I had made one this year, though I do love the one I got from Target last year, I've seen so many on blogs and Flickr that I just love. And yes, I think we're all reaching that time where it's time to just rest a bit and have some family time. Happy WiP Wednesday and happy holidays! :)

Megan said...

Awesome! The baseball quilt turned out wonderful! Enjoy this time with your son :)

Happy Holidays!

Diane said...

Your Baseball quilt turned out wonderful! I love how you did the back. Enjoy your time with family, Merry Christmas and happy quilting in the new year!

Lee said...

The baseball quilt looks great. Some little boy will really enjoy that one. Good choice to not stress about the other gifts. Gotta enjoy Christmas with our little ones while they're still little. : )

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! See you next time!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I am sure your baseball quilt will be so enjoyed by a little guy! It's really fun with the pattern and colors! And those are wise words about finishing things for Christmas!! I couldn't have said it better! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading more about your creations!!

A Girl said...

Great job on your baseball quilt, it looks great.

Funny you talked about doing test runs with santa...i took my little one to the mall today for a test run before i bring all the kids this weekend....sadly it didn't go well.