Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

All my dreams of sewing this past long weekend never happened.  I was just too busy cooking, eating, and visiting with out-of-town friends.  As much fun as it was, I'm starting to get a little nervous about my lack of progress on my tree skirt.  Fortunately, my tree still looks like this! 

We bought it Saturday, but we still don't even have the lights on it!  Hopefully Hubby can get up to the attic tonight!  We'll see though, we have a dinner guest this evening, so probably not!  Oh well, at least it smells like Christmas in here!

I'm THIS close to finishing a Christmas project from last year.  All I have to do is handsew the binding to the back.  Why do I let my projects get to that point then stop?  I always feel so dumb when I do that!  I think one of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be if I get a project to the point of handsewing the binding, I have to finish it!!  Ridiculous!  Here's a sneak peek:

I'll hopefully have some finished shots for you tomorrow!

How is everyone else doing with their holiday sewing?  I'm sure there is a lot of holiday sewing taking place at Lee's, go check it out!

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felicity said...

Stitching down the binding is my favourite part! I can watch TV and do it, and it means the quilt is almost done.