Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm happy to report that I actually have made some progress on my Super Nova Quilt.

I'm this close to a finished top.

If I can get the boys to nap at the same time I'll add the borders this afternoon.  I'm eager to see it all together.  One good thing about finishing this so much later than everyone else is I've had a chance to decide how I want to piece the back and quilt it.  At least the planning stage is complete.

I've decided on a new project, and I'm hoping it will work out with Elizabeth's new quilt along.  I'm making a quilt for the Army Baby Quilts organization.  Volunteers make baby quilts for mothers who are expecting a baby while their husbands are serving in the Army overseas.  As soon as I read about it I wanted to help.  My father is a veteran of the Vietnam War and my oldest brother was born while he was serving.  My mother always talked about how that was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.  Not only was she worried sick about my dad, but to have a newborn on her own...I know I can't imagine!

The requirements are simple: baby quilts (at least 40 inches x 40 inches) made out of red, white and blue fabrics.  I thought I could probably handle it.

I've had this pile of fabric sitting out hoping inspiration would strike.

They are all red, white and blue 1930's reproduction fabrics.  I thought these would be cute for a baby.  When I saw the announcement of the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along I thought it would be perfect.  I hope this will work for the fabric requirements.  I can't wait until Friday!

To see how others are progressing go to Elizabeth's (not Lee's this week).


Elizabeth D. said...

I think those are going to work out wonderfully! And what a wonderful cause :) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Katie B. said...

Love your Supernova! And thanks for introducing me to the Army Baby Quilts project. What a great cause!

Bree said...

Love your supernova! And beautiful fabric choices int he blues and reds!

Diane said...

Your supernova looks great! The fabrics you picked for the Army Baby Quilt are beautiful and will be apreciated.

LynCC said...

such pretty fabrics in both your Supernova and your Army Babies piles :)

Kate S. said...

Love the supernova in innocent crush, it looks awesome! And I think those fabrics will be a great fit for Elizabeth's QAL, what a great idea and a great cause!

Debbie said...

Your supernova looks fantastic! I'm anxious to see the fabric requirements for the Kaleidoscope too - your look promising!!